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OCTAVIAN NEMESCU had a decisive contribution to the emancipation of the avant-garde movement from Romanian composition.

He launched a new avant-garde, with the ideal not of denying tradition, but of recovering the origins, of the existing PRIMORDIALITY at the base of all musical traditions in the spirit of a renewed recovery and in the desire to achieve a new artistic universality.

His name (and that of other colleagues of his generation) is related to the appearance and evolution of the Romanian spectral current (“Illuminati” for the 1967 orchestra).


Octavian Nemescu (1940 – 2020)

Octavian Nemescu (1940-2020) was born in Pascani (Romania). He studied composition with Mihail Jora at the Conservatory of Music in Bucharest, between 1956-63. Later he participated to the International Summer Master Classes in Darmstadt (Germany). He obtained the PhD in musicology in 1978, at the Conservatory in Cluj, under the guidance of Sigismund Toduta.

He composed symphonic, choral, chamber, electroacoustic pieces, ambient music, metamusics, imaginary music, collective and individual rituals that involve, in addition to hearing, the other senses: visual, olfactory, gustatory and tactile.


  • He has won several U.C.M.R. awards. [1980,1982,1987,1990,1993, 2010, 2013, 2016] and the 2019
  • Grand Prix. Music Magazine Award 2017
  • Romanian Academy Award (1980)
  • Aaron Copland International Composition Award (USA) – 1970
  • Awards of the Experimental Music Group of Bourges (France) -1980, 1982
  • Prize of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (C.I.M.E.) – 1985
  • “Tristan Tzara” Jubilee Medal (for outstanding contributions to the emancipation of the avant-garde movement in art), -1996
  • Order and Medal “Cultural Merit” in the rank of Officer class I (2004)
  1. A T Octavian Nemescu 17:19
  2. Alpha Octavian Nemescu 2:00
  3. Four Dimentions in Time IV (ILLUMINATIONS) v2 Octavian Nemescu
  4. Omega Octavian Nemescu 9:41
  5. Secula-seculorum Octavian Nemescu 9:56
  6. Spectacle pour un instant Octavian Nemescu 1:52